Lightning Network Wallets

Y'alls only accepts Lightning Network payments for articles.

Eclair Wallet for Android

The Eclair Wallet is a next generation, Lightning-ready wallet for Android devices. Experience the future of mobile payments with this delicious app.

Zap Desktop: Linux, MacOS, Windows

The future of Bitcoin Payments, Zap Wallet is now in Beta. Watch as the future of Bitcoin unfolds, based on LND and developed by Lightning God Jack Mallers. for Web

Want a web-wallet? Not too secure, but plenty easy. Try out HTLC: a custodial Lightning Network wallet.

Lightning Labs Desktop: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Based on the mighty LND Lightning Network Daemon, this styling cross platform App features Neutrino-SPV Sync, full wallet features, a beautful logo, and so much more.

Anton Kumaigorodski's Lightning Wallet for Android

Using the ACINQ/Eclair implementation, this project uses a special monetized backend service "Olympus" providing fiat prices and other wallet services.